Silica Sand

$15.00 Per 50lbs bag



Silica Sand, or otherwise known as White Sand, Quartz Sand, or Industrial Sands, is a kind of silicon dioxide. It is generated from two elements, which are silica and oxygen. Silica Sands can look quite different and vary in terms of colour appearing white the majority of the time but can also be different shades or colourless depending on minerals and rock detritus that were used to generate the Silica Sands. An interesting fact about Silica Sands is that although they contain silica, it is only up to 80%, leaving room for carbonate, iron, potassium and other minerals. Silica Sands are a material that is reliable for structural integrity and durability improvement. Silica Sand is a brilliant option for sandblasting for locations that are exposed to high temperatures considering that it has an expansion coefficient that is low and a melting point that is high.
Silica Sand is recommended for sandblasting wood.


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