White Lightning Sand (#1020)

$15.99 Per 50lbs bag



White Lightning Sand can also be recognized by the name Nepheline Syenite, which is its mineral name. It is a whole grain sodium potassium aluminum silicate. White Lightning Sand is known to have a percentage of less than one tenth of one percent crystalline silica in the natural mineral complex, which is included in the sandblasting media category of light industrial sandblasting. Of all the silica sands and slags, White Lightning Sand is softer and smoother on surfaces, and due to it being of a white colour, the surface will appear cleaner once the sandblasting has been completed. Some benefits of using White Lightning Sand are that it assists with prevention of nuisance dust and other hazardous materials from contaminating the surface. White Lightning Sand is a sandblasting product that is environmentally safe, therefore, making it suitable for outdoors. Usage of this sand for maintenance purposes provides amazing results, resulting in little to no changes in the sandblasted object’s original state after paint and rust removal.
White Lightning Sand is recommended for sandblasting concrete and some applications of structural steel.


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